Spacefarm is a multidisciplinary design and front-end shop. We're focused on digital products, design systems and branding. Our name used to be The Crazy Ones↗. Full site coming soon.

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  • Full-stack product design

    After a thorough consideration and alignment of all the variables that (will) make your product successful, we shift our efforts into producing fast, straightforward and easy to use apps and websites. We cover the whole digital product design stack - from ideation and general feature exploration to production-ready front-end code or hi-fi prototypes.

  • UX research and strategy

    We help our clients come up with actionable strategies in order to achieve better product-market fit. We can provide tailor-made market and UX research to help inform future product decisions. We believe data, research and listening to your customers are vital for all product decisions.

  • Front-end development

    We build robust production-ready interface systems with a focus on the web and design systems. A product’s UI should be understandable for the end user. A product’s design and code should be easy to reason about and modify for the designers and developers who’ll pop the trunk when we’re not around.

  • Branding

    We work closely with founders and teams to build strong brands that reflect their values and aspirations. We know that finding and maintaining the right identity for your brand is crucial. Whatever the scale of your business, we’ll create a detailed branding system and a fool-proof style guide for future use.

  • Illustration

    Great product illustration often speaks the users' language better than anything else. Complicated instructions are made fun, mundane interactions become memorable and your product is easy to use and trust. We harness illustration’s superpowers to create unique artwork for your brand or build a comprehensive guide for future collaborators.

  • Documentation & UX copywriting

    The importance of responsible wording has never been so big. That’s why we offer the full stack of writing-related services - from tone of voice guideline development to mindful UX copywriting. And we produce killer documentation. We’ve done work for both global and hyper-local products.


  • Kalina Ivanova

    Product design & illustration

    Kalina started out as a brand designer, but her passion for logic and organization quickly shifted her focus towards product. She loves systemizing everything from color palettes to illustration styles and has experience doing that for tiny startups teams and established corporations alike. Kalina gets excited about product illustration and loves exploring the ways users connect with it.

  • Darin Dimitroff

    Product design & front-end

    Darin is a technical product designer focused on atomic design systems, UX engineering and processes at the intersection of design and engineering. Before moving his focus toward product, he used to work in branding. When he’s not designing and coding, he’s probably writing about it as a contributing author at Sitepoint or mountain biking.

  • Gergana Georgieva

    UX research & strategy

    Gergana has background in marketing and solid experience in product and brand development. She has been working in various industries, building successful product and marketing strategies for brands like Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Nescafe, Maggi, OMV and many local ones. Gergana is in love with all things tech, but is also keen on exploring people’s drives and needs.

  • Angel Shoilev

    UX copywriting & information architecture

    Angel has been writing copy for some time now. He has worked both for big, global companies such as Coca-Cola and for much smaller, local ones. He literally tries to make the world a better place as part of the Global Shapers community. In his spare time he explores the connection between culture, technology and design.

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